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Templating is:

Simply a way to represent data in different forms.

Templating comes in handy when you want the results of your operation displayed in your desired configuration and order. They can be specified in display, test, transform fields for the Canary object, id, test, transform, display for Topology object. The template can be configured In the next section, you'll see the different supported templates.

Canary Template Types

To specify the template to be used for representing your data, the following options are available:


Go Template


In-line javascript does come supported with the Canary checker. Javascript code can be ran side-by-side with the checks to filter or render your data. Below is an example of in-line Javascript in use.

- name: pod-metrics
- kind: PodMetrics
ready: false
name: podmetrics
javascript: JSON.stringify(k8s.getPodMetrics(results))

The javascript method JSON.stringify() is used in the display field to convert the value of k8s.getPodMetrics(results) to a JSON string.