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Canary Spec

scheduleSchedule to run checks on.\Supports all cron expression.\Also supports golang duration.string
iconIcon to use for the check.string
severitySeverity of the check.string
ownerOwner of the check.string
resultmodeResult mode of the check.string
alertmanagerList of AlertManager checks to run.[]AlertManagerCheck
awsConfigList of AWS Config checks to run.[]AwsConfigCheck
awsConfigRuleList of AWS Config Rule checks to run.[]AwsConfigRuleCheck
cloudwatchList of CloudWatch checks to run.[]CloudWatchCheck
configDBList of config DB checks to run.[]ConfigDBCheck
containerdList of containerd pull checks to run.[]ContainerdPullCheck
containerdPushList of containerd push checks to run.[]ContainerdPushCheck
databaseBackupList of database backup checks to run.[]DatabaseBackupCheck
dnsList of DNS checks to run.[]DNSCheck
ec2List of EC2 checks to run.[]EC2Check
elasticsearchList of ElasticSearch checks to run.[]ElasticsearchCheck
execList of exec checks to run.[]ExecCheck
folderList of folder checks to run.[]FolderCheck
gitList of GitHub checks to run.[]GitHubCheck
helmList of Helm checks to run.[]HelmCheck
httpList of HTTP checks to run.[]HTTPCheck
icmpList of ICMP checks to run.[]ICMPCheck
jmeterList of JMeter load test checks to run.[]JmeterCheck
junitList of JUnit test result checks to run.[]JunitCheck
kubernetesList of Kubernetes checks to run.[]KubernetesCheck
ldapList of LDAP checks to run.[]LDAPCheck
mongodbList of MongoDB checks to run.[]MongoDBCheck
mssqlList of MSSQL checks to run.[]MssqlCheck
mysqlList of MySQL checks to run.[]MysqlCheck
namespaceList of namespace checks to run.[]NamespaceCheck
podList of pod checks to run.[]PodCheck
postgresList of Postgres checks to run.[]PostgresCheck
prometheusList of Prometheus checks to run.[]PrometheusCheck
redisList of Redis checks to run.[]RedisCheck
resticList of restic backup checks to run.[]ResticCheck
s3List of S3 checks to run.[]S3Check
tcpList of TCP checks to run.[]TCPCheck

Scheme Reference


fieldRefSelects a field of the pod: supports, metadata.namespace, metadata.labels, metadata.annotations, spec.nodeName, spec.serviceAccountName, status.hostIP, status.podIP, status.podIPs.ObjectFieldSelector
configMapKeyRefSelects a key of a ConfigMap.ConfigMapKeySelector
secretKeyRefSelects a key of a secret in the pod's namespaceSecretKeySelector


apiVersionVersion of the schema the FieldPath is written in terms of, defaults to "v1".string
fieldPathPath of the field to select in the specified API version.string


nameName of the referent.string
keyThe key to select.string
optionalSpecify whether the ConfigMap or its key must be definedbool


nameName of the referent.string
keyThe key of the secret to select from. Must be a valid secret key.string
optionalSpecify whether the Secret or its key must be definedbool