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Performs queries to a DNS server, typical use cases include:

  • Checking the latency of the DNS server in a Kubernetes cluster
  • Verifying that there are serving records for a DNS based load balancer.
kind: Canary
name: dns-check
interval: 30
- name: A record query
port: 53
query: ""
querytype: "A"
minrecords: 1
exactreply: [""]
timeout: 10
thresholdMillis: 1000
serverAddress of DNS server to query e.g.
portPort to query DNS server on, e.g. 53intYes
queryDomain name to lookupstringYes
querytypeRecord type to query e.g. A, CNAME, TXT, SRVstringYes
exactreplyExpected exact match result(s)[]string
minrecordsMinimum recordsint
thresholdMillisThreshold response time from DNS serverint
timeoutTimeout in secondsint
nameName of the check, must be unique within the canarystringYes
descriptionDescription for the checkstring
iconIcon for overwriting default icon on the dashboardstring
labelsLabels for checkmap[string]string
testEvaluate whether a check is healthyExpression
displayExpression to change the formatting of the displayExpression
transformTransform data from a check into multiple individual checksExpression
metricsMetrics to export from[]Metrics